Kenco Logistics: Ready for Peak in Just 9 Weeks

Kenco Logistics truck and warehouse with SVT Robotics automation.


“We see SVT Robotics as transformational technology for the future of allowing rapid deployment ... and execution system augmentation with workflow features.”

~ Kristi Montgomery, VP of Innovation, Research & Development
Kenco Logistics




Kenco Logistics is the largest woman-owned 3PL in the US. With 100 sites across North America, Kenco provides integrated logistics solutions that include distribution and eCommerce fulfillment, among other services.

Project Scope

In July 2021, Kenco approached SVT Robotics to integrate automation technology for a rapid-growth eCommerce client outsourcing distribution to a 3PL for the first time. The apparel company wanted to support peak volumes and promotional sales spikes that would begin during the November holiday shopping season.

To make that possible, Kenco Logistics needed to connect and integrate their WMS with a 26-bot AMR fleet product picking solution in time to meet the eCommerce client deadline.

9-Week Deployment

When the project kicked off in July, the WMS platform utilized by Kenco did not have integrations, or “SOFTBOT connectors,” built on SVT Robotics’ technology-agnostic SOFTBOT Platform. SVT Robotics quickly built the necessary connector in just over two weeks, with user acceptance testing taking place on August 16th and a go-live launch on September 7th.

That expedited deployment of only nine weeks from project kickoff to go-live gave Kenco’s client abundant time to gear up for their busy shopping season.

In fact, integrations between their WMS and the picking solution went so smoothly that Kenco began full ramp-up on just day two of live operations.


Impressive ROI

Following the exceptional deployment timeline, Kenco Logistics achieved remarkable ROI:

  • 400% UPH picking Increase

  • 5X volume increase

The plug-and-play functionality of deploying robots and automation via the SOFTBOT® Platform provides a fast and easy integration environment, enabling companies to rapidly deploy the solutions necessary to meet accelerating business needs and client expectations.

Kenco Logistics quickly and efficiently met its goals; talk to us today to see what we can do for your company!


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